Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Home Business Opportunities

Below, you will find a list of home based business opportunities that I highly recommend. Several of them are FREE to join. ALL of them have proven to present a "realistic" opportunity to earn a significant monthly residual income if you follow and embrace their business models.

Join AtomiCash Adsense - Google Adsense Alternative Here

AtomiCash is the ultimate innovation in Internet marketing as it leverages the entire traffic base of internet users. There is a HUGE, ABSOLUTE MONSTEROUS AND GROWING group of individuals on the Internet who are striving to add income from their blogging, organized business related (social) networking, etc. In a perfect world, as an iRep you could reach out and enroll the blogger in TamPogo and in turn the blogger would attach TamPogo links and a proportion of the readers would join. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. That just isn’t going to happen. But here is what can happen.
Currently, almost 100% of a bloggers on-line income comes from the pennies supplied per click by Google as part of their Ad Sense program. The pennies add up, but not fast enough. AtomiCash provides “simple shopping apps” and short “daily informational apps” that bloggers can use to easily attach to their sites facilitating the direct buying of a variety of products and services or opt in to daily informational feeds that can trigger future buys.
Once a person becomes a customer or opt-in user of AtomiCash, the individual “belongs” to the blogger (or Facebook user, etc.) for life and earns a full 20% payment based on the retail pricing for all activity by that person. For setting up the blog site, the TamPogo iRep earns a full 20% forever on all activity and the iRep’s upline earns an additional 10% of the retail for that person, forever.
AtomiCash also opens up a preselected keyword search box which allows shoppers or readers access to related products and services via click. As a major venture partner of a leading search engine, AtomiCash receives up to 60% of the actual search charges which can range from $1.00 to $3.00 per click for nutrition searches up to over $20-$35 dollars per insurance click, etc. As indicated above, 20% of the total search income received is dispersed to the blog site, 20% to the iRep and 10% to the upline. The monetary windfall from search monies is limitless.
The AtomiCash app will also migrate to cell phones allowing access to the local search market for goods and services and will allow all AtomiCash users to be registered for discounts in their local and national markets. The merchant provider will also pay a marketing or facility fee to AtomiCash for their customer activity allowing the cash disbursements listed above to be made.
Imagine the cash flow due an iRep who is able to set up a popular celebrity site, for example, that would have millions of followers who could benefit from AtomiCash. A singer, through their blog, Internet site, Facebook page or Tweets could earn money from their visitors eating a hamburger at a national chain, when buying a book on line, when getting an insurance policy, from searching goods and services on the Internet, eventually, by doing virtually everything.

Join Tampogo Tango 2x2 Matrix Here

Just when you think TamPogo can’t get any better IT DOES. Once again
TamPogo has created a MASTERPIECE – TAMPOGO TANGO!
This innovative compensation model known as the 2x2 follow-me matrix is one of
the BEST mathematical models available to IMMEDIATELY reward a person’s
networking efforts. It is the simplest, most duplicatable and one of the most
profitable compensation models in the industry.
When backed by real products that can inspire an entire marketplace and a
powerful residual income unilevel compensation plan such as TamPogo, well, it’s
history in the making.
Here's how it works. YOU make a ONE-TIME OUT OF POCKET purchase of
one of the many Tango Product Packages for $299 and receive a position in your
sponsors Tango Bonus Cube. When you have 6 sales in your Bonus Cube you
will receive a commission of $899. $600 will be paid in CASH and you will
receive another $299 Tango Product Package.

YOU introduce TWO friends who make a purchase and they are placed in
Positions 1 & 2. Your two friends then introduce TWO friends that make a
purchase and those FOUR people are placed in positions 3, 4, 5 and 6.
When your Tango Bonus Cube is filled YOU earn $899
Here's where the MAGIC begins. $600 is paid in CASH and you receive another
TANGO PRODUCT PACKAGE of your choice worth $350-$400 of your choice at
no charge, except shipping. How amazing is that?
You then follow your sponsor and are then placed at the TOP of your second
Tango Bonus Cube and the process starts all over again.
Every time 6 sales take place in your Bonus Cube a Tango package is
purchased for you automatically and you follow your sponsor into their current
Bonus Cube. YOU earn $899 and will automatically get assigned a brand new
Tango Bonus Cube

A Commission Cycle can take place every week, every day, every hour or
multiple times every hour as you introduce more people and they do the same.
There is NO LIMIT to the amount of MONEY or PRODUCT you can earn.
Each time SIX sales happen in your Tango Bonus Cube you are PAID $600 in
CASH and you are able to choose another product package.

Each time a Tango Bonus Cube fills $50 Personal Volume will go to the
TamPogo traditional 8 x 8 virtual matrix. This will build your monthly residual

The TamPogo Tango program is totally optional, however, you must join tampogo for FREE and become ACTIVE before you can participate in Tampogo Tango.

Join Viral Cash Gone Wild Here is a upstart online advertising solutions company, based out of Michigan in the United States. Our company is a very unique and dynamic company that is dedicated to bringing today’s online marketers a revolutionary, yet effective way to advertise direct to their target market without risk. also offers a very unique income opportunity that provides multiple ways to earn (not just from recruiting others). has figured out how to fully monetize the Internet Advertising Industry, making it a revolutionary ground floor opportunity. This also marks as a new 'category creator' within the network marketing industry. What that simply means is that most if not all category creators have gone on to become billion dollar giants within the home business/network marketing industry.

We believe, will be no different and you have the opportunity to start profiting right along with us right from the ground-floor.

There has never been a better time to become involved in the Internet Advertising Industry than right now. And you are truly in the right place at the right time, because will allow you the opportunity to make all of your financial dreams a reality.

Most, if not all the 'other' search engines, social media sites and other advertising sources keep all of the advertising revenues for themselves and never give any to their users (the people that actually create the market and profits). They are making billions off of the actions of others and keeping it all.

Now, who other than gives its users and affiliate partners a healthy share of all the revenues and profits?

Google? Yahoo? Bing? Facebook? YouTube? Not even close.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IBA), over $10 Billion in the United States alone was spent on Internet advertising in just the first 3 months of 2010.

Join Xocai Healthy Chocolate Home Business Here

As the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the vision of MXI Corp is to transform and improve lives worldwide through unique and healthy chocolate products. MXI also seeks to provide a promising business opportunity while engaging in socially and environmentally responsible practices.

Every day, over 1 billion people worldwide eat chocolate; in fact, the average American consumes more than 12 pounds of chocolate each year. Consequently, the Xoçai™ business is simple: replace the bad with the good. The best part is that you will be paid to eat and share our Healthy Chocolate. In short, long-term financial success, a new and flexible lifestyle, and a thriving business can be yours through the Xoçai™ opportunity.

Join Tampogo Home Business Here

Think of the best online shopping experience you know.

Now think of a place where you can purchase the same products you buy everyday at significant discounts.

NOW... Imagine This Business Belongs To YOU!

This is Tampogo.

TamPogo was created in July 2009 by several pioneering business leaders whose goal was:

1. To eliminate the middleman from shopping, helping people save money on many of the things they already buy.

2. To grow by word of mouth and to provide members with an array of income generating well as, profit sharing bonuses from global retail sales of its breakthrough products.

3. To end starvation across the globe.

In its first year, through the efforts of iReps and founders, TamPogo has helped feed nearly three quarters of a MILLION MEALS; has generated global interests in its Pure Chemistry line of products; and has set a new standard in the direct sales industry with:

*NO sign-up fees
*NO membership or website fees
*NO overpriced products
*HUGE profit-sharing opportunities

You've never been in a better place to shop while doing good; to have fun and meet great people; to learn skills that can last you a lifetime; and to make a little or a whole lot of extra cash.

Click Here

Join Direct Matches Here

DirectMatches is a social networking site for network marketers and business people.
DirectMatches is an online community for business networking. It helps you to grow your business by meeting global professionals and network marketers.

It features inventive combination of person-to-person marketing along with its original concept of a social and business network. It is the first service in the online business and social networking industry that helps people locate everything from business contacts to finding friendship and dates online using unique multi-matchmaking system.

The best of all is, that it is the first social network where you can get paid to meet people.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let Tampogo Tango Save Your Shrinking MLM Downline!

Harsh economic times are taking its toll on your MLM home based business.

Your down line members were able to make the initial investment to join your business, BUT now, they simply cannot keep up with their monthly auto ship costs so they stop paying and become inactive.

You cannot blame them. Financially, they have no choice.

Unfortunately, less paying members in your down line means less income for you.

If only there was a NO RISK, FREE to join, NO monthly Autoship, SOLID, history making home based business that you could introduce to your down line members.

What if this FREE home based business company offered an OPTIONAL 2x2 matrix program with virtually NO RISK, a SINGLE ONE TIME modest initial investment, a payout plan that is so massive that EVERYONE who wants to build a SOLID down line and EVERONE who has a down line worth saving is going to bring them to NOW or EVENTUALLY.

What if the CEO of this home based business is one of the most SUCCESSFUL Internet marketing leaders in the HISTORY OF THE INTERNET!

What if the CEO of this home based business has DOCUMENTED and PROVEN Internet and Marketing leadership success that include accomplishments such as MySpace CoFounder, marketing and growing MySpace membership to over 200 million members in a few short years, Expert Salesman and Marketer having sold over $2 billion products online and via retail, a BioChemist who has formulated over 8 thousand products, many of them responsible for GNC becoming the household name it is today.

What if this CEO / BioChemist is ALREADY formulating a LOW COST line of MD products and weight loss products that are expected to gross a MINIMUM of hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that will fund MASSIVE bonus pools like the MINIMUM $15 million dollar bonus pool that less than 200 members have ALREADY qualified for and WILL SPLIT just because they invited 10 new members to join this FREE home based business and become Active by making a single Fast Track product purchase of THEIR CHOICE that cost on average LESS THAN $30!


Join Tampogo Home Business for FREE Today!

THEN explore the exciting new financial possibilities of Tampogo Tango!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tampogo Continues To Make Network Marketing History!

As Tampogo Home Business starts it second year in business, It is already started making Network Marketing History. In a massive undertaking to stamp out world hunger, Tampogo Home Business has ALREADY supplied over 1 million meals to the starving children of the world!

The message from Tampogo CEO, Chuck Stebbins is SIMPLE:
1. Join Tampogo Home Business For FREE
2. Purchase a single Fast Track product (many priced below $30)
3. Each Fast Track purchase feeds a hungry child for a WEEK!


June 2010 was another RECORD BREAKING month for Tampogo Home Business as over 50,000 Fast Track products were purchased which translates to over 50,000 meals!

EVERYONE is familiar with the old phrases "Charity Begins At Home" or "What's In It For Me". Well, so has Tampogo Home Business. Not only does EACH Fast Track purchase supplies a starving child with a meal for a week!, a full $10 is dropped into the Tampogo Compensation plan from EACH Fast Track purchase.

So, as you build your Tampogo iRep team, make Fast Track purchases, and feed starving children, YOU are ALSO building a potentially MASSIVE residual income for YOURSELF that will pay you 8 levels deep!

In addition to the regular Tampogo compensation plan, Tampogo has introduced several HISTORY MAKING bonus pools (in it's FIRST year don't forget) which includes the MASSIVE $15 million dollar bonus pool announced in May 2010 which will be split among 200 qualified Tampogo iReps (including me). Do the MATH!

Year 2 at Tampogo Home Business promises to be EVEN MORE SPECTACULAR as our CEO, Chuck Stebbins announced his "3 million members in 3 years" blueprint for success.

You are invited AND encouraged to join Tampogo Home Business where Tampogo iReps:


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tampogo Is The Best Weight Loss Home Based Business!

Imagine being able to eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

Imagine a weight loss product that you can just sprinkle on your favorite food.

This amazing weight loss product is Crystal Thin Diet Crystals, just one of hundreds of cutting edge nutritional products that you can share and promote when you join Tampogo Home Business.

Crystal Thin Diet Crystals is expected to gross a minimum of $100 million in yearly sales.

Crystal Thin Diet Crystals are available in the following flavors:

-Southwest Spice
-Italian Cheese
-Berry Smooth
-Chocolate Ice

Check out the Fox News Reports on Tampogo and Crystal Thin Diet Crystals here.

Tampogo Home Business is FREE to join as an iRep or Direct Customer.

Join Tampogo Home Business for FREE as an iRep to promote Tampogo products and Crystal Thin Diet Crystals as Affiliate Marketing home based business and create a generous residual income.

Join Tampogo Home Business for FREE as a Direct Customer to purchase Crystal Thin Diet Crystals and Tampogo products at member discounts.

You can also order Crystal Thin Diet Crystals at regular retail pricing directly from this site if you are not interested in joining Tampogo Home Business as an iRep or Direct Customer

Crystal Thin Diet Crystals can and probably should replace the use of stimulants and other appetite suppressants you may use. However, we recommend that for ideal weight loss results, we need people to eat properly balanced diets with appropriate calorie intake, remain active or exercising and continue on carbohydrate management products such as Pure Chemistry's Night Cap.

Visit Tampogo Home Business to buy Crystal Thin Diet Crystals, to order Crystal Thin Diet Crystals, or to join Tampogo home business opportunity.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Join Tampogo Canada

Why Join Tampogo Canada...

Because It is FREE to JOIN!
Think of the best online shopping experience you know.

Now think of a place where you can purchase the same products you buy everyday at significant discounts.

Imagine this international online business belongs to you!

TamPogo Canada is an international online shopping site featuring thousands of high demand products sold at incredible prices.

TamPogo Canada is the BEST no cost way to own an International home based business.

Tampogo Canada is designed to be EXTREMELY easy to promote and market for the followings reasons:

• TamPogo is FREE to join
• No parties to host
• No membership fee
• No product inventory
• No registration fee

How Strong Is Tampogo Canada Leadership?

Tampogo Canada CEO, Chuck Stebbins is perhaps best known for his role in creating the Mega Giant MYSPACE.

Chuck Stebbins has also marketed and sold over a BILLION dollars in products via online and in retail stores.

You have already experienced the success of MySpace.

Now, You can OWN a piece of Tampogo… FOR FREE!

Tampogo Canada is FREE To Join at Tampogo Home Business or just click here to join Tampogo.

Use Tampogo Canada FREE Invitation Code: NP10698

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crystal Thin - Buy Tampogo Crystal Thin Here

Tampogo Member Price: $26.95

Watch Crystal Thin On Fox News Video

Order Crystal Thin Here

Pure Chemistry Crystal Thin 2oz Bottle
Interested in losing weight without denying yourself the foods you like? Without adding another hour of exercise a day? Without risking your health in any way? If so Crystal Thin Diet Crystals are the choice for you.

Tampogo Crystal Thin is available in the following flavors:

1. Southwest Spice
2. Italian Cheese
3. Berry Smooth
4. Chocolate Ice

To order Crystal Thin, simply join Tampogo for FREE as a Direct Customer and began shopping for Crystal Thin and all your favorite products!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tampogo Announces 15 Million Dollar Bonus Pool For New Members!

From Day one, less than a year ago, Tampogo CEO, Chuck Stebbins pledged that our Tampogo Home Business will reach unprecedented membership levels that will surpass the over 200 million members that he achieved with MySpace. Chuck Stebbins also said that the Tampogo Home Business compensation plan will be life changing to those who embrace the simple concept of the company.

On Friday, May 7, 2010, Tampogo Home Business announced another bonus pool for new members. This bonus pool, perhaps the biggest ever created by a network marketing company, is $15,000,000.00. Yes, you read it right, FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS!

In order to grab your share of the $15,000,000 Tampogo bonus pool (Double 50 Bonus), you will need to join Tampogo for FREE and become ACTIVE asap.

The new Double 50 bonus will based one of TamPogo’s most promising products: Crystal Thin.

Why is Crystal Thin so promising?

When Pure Chemistry announced Crystal Thin:
1. There were 14 major chain retailers requesting samples of the product to evaluate. These retailers solicited Pure Chemistry; not visa-versa. This is highly unusual and very powerful.

2. 4 of the top 5 Direct Response Marketing companies solicited Pure Chemistry for joint marketing ventures involving TV, Radio and the Internet.

3. A variety of major marketing entities representing 19 separate countries wrote inquiring about exclusive national partnerships for their national efforts.

4. Numerous MLM’s representing over 5 million distributors worldwide, wrote to Pure Chemistry requesting information on private label arrangements.

In each and every case, Pure Chemistry deferred the inquiries to mid-May when they planned to begin a comprehensive marketing program for Crystal Thin. This campaign is set to launch following a Fox News independent Investigative Report on Crystal Thin which is scheduled to air during Sweeps Week in late May. This TV report followed a number of volunteers over a month long period to study the weight loss effects of Crystal Thin. Our CEO was present during video filming and he believes the Fox Report will be as powerful as anything he has ever seen! Expect the Fox News piece to lead to an entire full scale media blitz involving some of the largest news magazine/talk shows filmed in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. We do not want to give away details prematurely but this is going to be BIG.

Pure Chemistry is in the process of manufacturing a minimum of 200,000 units monthly to handle incoming demands. This number is scalable to over 2 million units a month depending on demand.

We decided to base the Double 50 Bonus on new iRep Personal Enrollment Volume (PEV) rather than on new Active Personally Enrolled iReps. Looking at the actual month of April, there were less than 100 iReps (98 to be exact) that had $50 or more in new iRep PEV. A similar number in May could obviously trigger a monster monthly bonus scenario.

Here is how the Double 50 Bonus works.

May: "Set the bar!" Get a minimum of $50 in PEV from newly enrolled iReps in May (any number of iReps, i.e. 1 new iRep who buys 5 Fast Track products or 5 new iReps who buy 1 Fast Track product each, etc.) and earn 1 potential ticket to participate in June. If you get $100 in PEV from newly enrolled iReps in May, you will earn 3 potential tickets to participate in June (this includes 1 bonus ticket); $150 PEV provides 4 potential tickets, etc. There is NO CEILING to the number of potential tickets you can acquire. You are only capped by your actual motivation and performance!

June: "Hit the bar!" In order to redeem your ticket(s), you must duplicate your effort in May by enrolling new iReps in June who hit the same PEV, while maintaining the May members as Active iReps in TamPogo. Then you will receive a corresponding number of TICKETS which entitles you to your percentage of the FINAL BONUS POOL. If you lose any PEV in June from iReps you signed up in May, you must subtract that PEV from May or replace their actual May PEV with June PEV, before earning June PEV toward the contest. This "replacement policy" is very generous. However, if you don't repeat your May PEV in June, your ticket is invalid.

Future Months: "Maintain the bar!" You only need to maintain your June PEV to retain your ticket(s) and receive your monthly bonus. If you lose a personally enrolled iReps PEV in a given month, simply replace it with a new Active iRep PEV within the same month.

The Bonus period will be based on 10% of the wholesale revenue of Crystal Thin from June 1 - December 31, 2010. This monthly bonus will begin in July, based on June wholesale revenue. The Bonus Pool will run until the end of December or longer until a minimum of TEN MILLION DOLLARS has been distributed to iReps, which would be based on gross wholesale sales of one hundred million dollars. We cannot guarantee the success of any individual product but based on the experience of insiders at Pure Chemistry, we expect Crystal Thin will take its rightful place at near the top of the product sales chain in the diet product niche which is over $60 billion yearly in the U.S. alone.

Based on actual April figures, a few people could get multiple tickets to this big bonus dance! We think you will agree – we met the challenge and a higher level of excitement is ours.

The great thing about The Double 50 Bonus is that it levels the playing field for new and experienced iReps.
In fact, as great as this new Bonus already is, we are going to make it EVEN BETTER. We are going to establish an additional SECOND Bonus based on 5% of gross wholesale revenue of Crystal Thin (or a minimum of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS) and split it among the iReps who personally enroll any iRep who earns a share of the Double 50 Bonus. We call this the Double 50 Builders Bonus.

Here is the best thing yet – anyone can be eligible for both bonus pools thus being a double, DOUBLE 50 winner!

Seriously, folks, can it get any better than this? What are you waiting for? Get out there right this minute and start signing up new iReps. Then have them order Fast Track products to build at least $50 PEV.

Helpful Bonus Hints:
1. Join Tampogo ASAP for FREE and become ACTIVE by purchasing a single Fast Track product.

2. Educate yourself on the TamPogo products by listening to calls, reading testimonials and checking out the blogs. The more products a new iRep wants to try, the more PEV you attain. Most products and packages have $10 PEV, but it does vary.

3. Invest in yourself and buy a Champion Presentation Package. Having a wide range of products that new members can touch and experience is the key to increased PEV.

4. Sign people up on Autoship to insure their continued participation. Sign them up with President’s Circle Packages and earn points toward a simultaneous set of bonuses.

5. Whenever you reach $50 in new PEV from new personally enrolled iReps, don’t stop there. Additional levels can be earned quickly. Having extra PEV at the end of May can save you in June if one or more of your iReps accidentally fail to remain Active.

Ready. Set. TamPogo!